Mini Goes Tumi Luxury Concept Car

Compact car lovers with a thing for luxury, check this out: “Mini Goes Tumi”, the beautiful result of a successful collaboration between luggage company Tumi and carmaker Mini Cooper. The concept vehicles boast several exclusive features from Mini Cooper, plus custom Tumi fabrics for their interiors.

The car oozes sophistication from its silhouette and paint job to the grill, tires and trunk lid. The colors chosen for these concept cars are inspired by Tumi: Alpha and Alpha Brave (black and hunter green respectively). Check out the current versions (with yellow or with red accents) in the photo gallery below. The interiors are beautifully matched with the body paint.

A set of matching luggage comes with every Mini Goes Tumi car. The concept vehicles will be touring the entire world to increase brand awareness and gauge interest and will definitely find many fans among luxury lovers.Mini Goes Tumi Luxury Concept Car (6)


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