Mind-Boggling Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 2 Sneakers eBay Sale

Sometimes eBay auctions go really nuts, and items get sold for prices that are way above their actual value. A recent such example is that of a pair of Nike sneakers designed by Kanye West himself, in the mold of his foot. A true bidding war started several days before the official sale date of the sneakers, which ended with a mind-boggling winning bid: $90,300!

Dubbed Nike Air Yeezy 2 Jordan LeBron 9 Galaxy South Beach Elite (quite a lot of words for one name), the sneakers were scheduled for sale with a very different price: only $245. As the most fierce battle was fought for this particular pair (it gathered 84 bids), the price continued to grow at a dizzying rate. As expected, a price like this also got the winner bidder free shipping for the package.

At the time this pair was sold, other identical pairs hadn’t even reached the $2,000 mark, so this one is by far a record setter among its siblings. The shoes feature anaconda-like leather on the top part, nubuck, high-quality leather, ballistic nylon, a pinkish lining, and glow-in-the-dark outsoles. These sneakers will be produced in a limited number, and Kanye is already working on the Yeezy 3 version.

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