Mickey Mouse Poster Sold for $35,850

Heritage Auction Galleries is the third largest auction house in the world and the largest collectibles auctioneer. Their latest impressive sale took place on March 26 an it included a 1932 Mickey Mouse three sheet stock poster from United Artists. It was the first auction ever for the poster which had no difficulty in fetching $35,850. The final bid exceeded everyone’s expectations, as the initial estimates were between $18,000 and $38,000.

The second biggest sell at the auction was the $31,070 1953 Paramount Style B half sheet for The War of the Worlds. The next in line was a 1938 Universal three sheet Frankenstein poster which took $29,875. Many other valuable pieces were sold at the Heritage Auction’s Movie Poster Auction and together they raised $1,500,950.

Mickey Mouse Poster

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