Michael Jackson Statue at Fulham FC Stadium

A quite controversial statue of the King of Pop has been recently unveiled at the Fulham FC Stadium in Craven Cottage, west London. Standing over seven feet tall, the monument has been sharply criticized with comments like “It’s a spectacularly bad piece of kitsch that doesn’t even look all that much like Michael Jackson.”

However, Fulham FC owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, who originally commissioned the statue with the intention of having it displayed at Harrods in London, doesn’t really care about what fans think of the memorial. Since he sold Harrods, he decided that his stadium would be just as good as the department store.

If you’re wondering what Michael Jackson has got to do with Fulham, be sure that you’re not the only one asking yourself that question. The answer is Michael once watched a match there, when Fulham played against Wigan in 1999. This was a good enough reason for Al Fayed to take the 7ft 6in plaster and resin statue and have it displayed at the stadium. After all, he did pay some £100,000 for it.

Michael Jackson Statue at Fulham FC Stadium Soccer Boss Defends Jackson Statue

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