Michael Andrew Lauchlan: How Poetry Inspired Me To Become An Entrepreneur

Michael Andrew Lauchlan: How Poetry Inspired Me To Become An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship like other businesses has a lot to do with the ability to critically analyse the problems in one’s  immediate environment or society. This critical analysis will help you to make efforts to find solutions to these problems. 

A vivid look at this means that entrepreneurship and poetry have a lot in common. While poetry borders around the environment, entrepreneurship seeks to make the environment more habitable by creating lucrative ventures. 

This is why it is common for you to come across people who have been inspired by poetry to become entrepreneurs. One of such people is Michael Andrew Lauchlan, a poet and investor.

In this post, a clear look of how he was inspired by poetry to become an entrepreneur will be expounded. 

Exposure to Nature

Michael Andrew Lauchlan claimed to have become obsessed with his immediate natural environment as a result of his love for poetry. Upon his exposure to poems that encompasses the theme of nature, he came up with how to make the environment a better place to live.

And he was able to devise means of keeping the environment available with opportunities the same way nature is.

Since poetry often refers to earth as man’s natural home, he saw it as his responsibility to make it more habitable. And the way he did this was to venture into entrepreneurship to create opportunities in his environment.


The Hidden Power of Poetry to Make Better Entrepreneurs

Improved Sight and Perception 

Unless there is something to ignite them, some hidden potentials will remain dormant Poetry is known to be made up of several literary elements. According to the poet, the imagery formed from poems were integral to his pictorial representation of things in real life.

He claimed to have had his artistic potentials revived via the images formed whenever he reads poetry. 

Critical Thinking

Poetry has the power of influencing people to think deeply. Your level of understanding and reasoning is expected to improve each time you read poetry. This was one thing that helped Michael become an entrepreneur.

Poetry geared him to think of how to use both the natural and artificial resources at his disposal to his advantage. And he was able to explore these resources. 


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Concern for Others 

Aside imagery, another main literary component of poetry is mood. Poetry speaks love, care, and concern for one another. Hardly can anyone be engrossed with politics without having concerns for others. 

In several ways, poetry influenced him to create opportunities for others to work. This is by because felt concerned and didn’t want to stare while others struggle to survive. Rather, he felt compelled to find solutions to their problems.

Better Lifestyle and Appearance

It is often said that looking good is a good business. If there is one thing poetry is known for, it is its ability to encourage people to take care of their appearance and what belongs to them.

Poetry did not only change the lifestyle of this entrepreneur alone, it also influenced him to take care of things that are his. Accordingly, the beauty of nature, and other things such as birds and trees often depicted as flawless in poetry helped him. As a result, he was able to make the best use of the resources at his disposal to reconstruct an enviable entrepreneurial empire.


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