Merdad-Tuned McLAren MP4-12C

Merdad-Tuned McLAren MP4-12C (6)

British tuning company Merdad will definitely impress everybody at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. For their newest project, they took a break from upgrading Porsche Cayennes and focused on taking a McLaren MP4-12C to a new level of awesomeness.

The body kit that Merdad devised adds more visual appeal to the car, by underlining its svelte look. A new front splitter (inspired by GT by Citroen and Ferrari 360), new rear vents and diffusers, plus some sides modifications make this ride a true visual treat. The tuner didn’t release many details on their project, but we sure hope that the rumors saying that the Merdad Mehron GT will be in Frankfurt next week are true!Merdad-Tuned McLAren MP4-12C (4)