Mercedes-Benz to Create a Zero-Emission S-Class

The increasing European and U.S. regulatory pressures have determined Mercedes-Benz to imagine an emissions-free future. “If zero emission mobility will be necessary, and that’s what we believe, it’s clear we have to change to electric mobility”, said Thomas Weber, R&D chief for Daimler AG.

The automaker intends to turn the luxury S-Class into a high-end electric class inspired by the F-125! concept that we saw this year at Frankfurt. Don’t expect to see the eco-friendly luxury car anytime soon. Mercedes estimates its appearance between 2020 and 2025.

Its launch however is bound to thrill car lovers: the car will provide uncompromised comfort and driving pleasure, while keeping the environment free of CO2 emissions. And in addition to all that, the range of the nature-friendly car is an astonishing 621 miles (1,000 kilometers)!

mercedes-benz-f125-concept (20)

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