Mercedes-Benz Ciento Once by GWA Tuning

Mercedes-Benz Ciento Once by GWA Tuning 3

How many of you remember the C111 Mercedes-Benz prototypes of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s? They were awesome both in performance and design, and many would have liked to see them hit production. But, unfortunately they never did.

A few decades later, GWA Tuning, a Mercedes-Benz tuning expert in San Antonio, decided they wanted to revive those prototypes in the form of the amazing Ciento Once. With a name that means ‘one hundred eleven’ in Spanish, the ride has borrowed the brakes from the SS5 Mercedes and the V12 AMG engine from the Pagani Zonda. The output is quite impressive: 408 hp.

Even though inspired by an outdated vehicle , the Ciento Once is quite modern in design. You can actually fall in love with it, as it is a great-looking car both inside and outside.