Menacing SRT Viper GTS By Inspired Autosport

As the official successor of the Dodge Viper, the SRT Viper is a very impressive machine, no doubt about it. Still, considering the fact that numerous well-heeled individuals prefer to own exclusive or modified versions of the world’s most amazing cars, it comes as no surprise that the SRT would end up in the crosshairs of certain tuning companies. One of the finest examples is this SRT Viper GTS by Inspired Autosport, which was enveloped in a gorgeous 3M frozen black wrap.

Aside from its matte black looks, the car was also outfitted with Eibach springs that lowered its height quite effectively for a more menacing, predatory-like stance. The ride sits on a set of PUR Wheels that measure 21 inches at the rear and 20 at the front, all of which were enveloped in high quality Pirelli P Zero tires. Befitting its aggressive appearance, this SRT Viper GTS hides no less than 700 horsepower under its hood, all thanks to the implementation of a titanium exhaust system and a cold air intake to its 8.4-litre V10 beast.








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