Menacing Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad

Ludovic Lazareth is known for his aggressive-looking projects, but the Lazareth E-Wazuma quad is definitely in a league of its own. However, looks can be deceiving, because even though it looks like a gas-guzzling monster, this vehicle is actually powered by electricity. The quad’s two electric motors are able to give off an output of 361 lb-ft of torque and 80 horsepower, which is not bad at all.

Menacing Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad 1 Menacing Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad 2

The most impressive (or scary) part is that all that power is available right off idle, which means that the E-Wazuma is not recommended to the faint of heart. Even though it’s still just a prototype, this quad will become available for purchase at some point. We don’t know how much it will cost just yet, but it’s probably a good idea to start saving up.

Menacing Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad 3 Menacing Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad 4

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