MB&F Presents Exquisite Melchior Robot Clock

Table clocks come in different shapes and sizes, but few of them actually resemble robots, and fewer still are signed by reputable companies such as MB&F. Meet Melchior – a high-end, $36,000 table clock that was put together by MB&F in partnership with  L’Epée 1839. The piece is limited to just 99 units and comes in two different versions, namely a “light” edition and a two-tone “light and dark” edition that features black PVD-treatment parts.

Melchior comprises a total of 480-components and boasts high quality materials such as brass and steel. Its power reserve lasts up to 40 days before it needs a rewind, which is done by detaching the robot’s left arm. The clock’s highlights include jumping hours, sweeping minutes, a dome cover made out of polished glass and a power reserve indicator located on its “belly”.


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