Massive Alexandria XLF Speakers by Wilson Audio

Dave Wilson, the founder of Wilson Audio, has launched the massive Alexandria XLF Speakers, which impress not only with the remarkable quality of the sound they deliver, but also with their imposing dimensions. These babies are the size of an adult person, flaunting 178 cm (70 inches) in height, and a staggering 297 kilos (655 pounds).

If you don’t mind occupying a lot of your music room space with these huge speakers, then all you need to do is decide on a color and then just place your order. Highly customizable, the Alexandria XLF can match any home décor in terms of color.

And if you need to know where all this bulkiness comes from, just know that the speakers feature two large woofers – a 13-inch and a 15-inch one, two 7-inch midrange drivers, a 1-inch twitter and a 1-inch super tweeter. The Cross Load Firing Port allows a forward or a rear-firing bass port, for a better speaker-environment communication. The price is $200,000 per pair.



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