Maserati Kubang SUV at Frankfurt

Here’s what Maserati promises to offer with the new Kubang SUV: “style, engine, suspensions, brakes, handling and performance will all be 100% Maserati in picture-perfect continuity with the brand’s core values of sportiness, style, elegance, luxury, performance and craftsmanship”. Arguing that today’s sport utility vehicles don’t provide enough driving pleasure and luxury atmosphere (we know some automakers that will feel offended by Maserati’s opinion), the Italian luxury car manufacturer is bringing a new premium SUV to the public’s attention.

Maserati fans probably remember the first Kubang SUV, the one that was unveiled in 2003 in concept form at the Detroit Auto Show. Now the automaker brought a modified version of that car at the Frankfurt Motor Show and here you have some pictures of what it looks like. There aren’t many details available on the oddly shaped Kubang, but what we do know is that the engines are being designed by Paolo Martinelli (the same man who spent 30 years at Ferrari) in Modena and that they will be built by Ferrari in Maranello. They will probably be mated to 8-speed automatic transmissions.

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