Marshall Hanwell Speaker for Music Lovers

Marshall is a well known amplifier manufacturer that’s very appreciated by diehard audiophiles. In fact, the company’s extensive expertise in creating outstanding amps has been noticed by many famous artists who counted on the company’s technical support for their concerts.

Now the British company is ready to introduce a new outstanding product, the Marshall Hanwell active loudspeaker, a smaller but much better version of the original piece. The name of the speaker comes from the neighborhood where Jim Marshall’s opened his first shop in London, half a century ago.

With a nice retro design – the power switch and the polished knobs bring back old rock-and-roll memories – the loudspeaker is also a very advanced piece of technology. The sound it produces is amazingly clear, as the dual tweeters and woofers help it go beyond the whole range of Herz that the human ear can hear. You can purchase your own Marshall Hanwell from the Marshall Headphones online store.

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