Marriage takes Courage!

Marriage seems to become more and more obsolete, as couples prefer to live together without going through all the trouble of actually getting married. But weddings still happen and there are millions of dedicated fans of this institution. This doesn’t mean though that they are all embracing the classic method of getting united for life, oh no, not at all!

People want to make an unforgettable event of their wedding, and many of them really succeed in doing so. That special day usually become unforgettable either for being a spectacular success, or for turning into a complete failure. And more often than not the line between the two possible outcomes is jut too thin!

So here we are, before a picture of a “Marriage in the Sky” event. It looks romantic and so special! Still we can’t help but wonder how the people in the chairs feel like. Probably the bride and the groom are ok with heights…but is everybody else fine with being suspended in the air? Now we don’t want to be quibblers here, so we’ll stop at this.

One thing is for sure: in love adventure seekers should visit Or if you find the idea fascinating but you’re not really thinking about marriage right now, just read our article about other events in the sky – you might just find something that you really like there.

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