Mark Zuckerberg Buys Four Mansions Near His Own Home

Even though it might look like Mark Zuckerberg has started to invest large sums of money in real estate for a profit, the famous young billionaire actually purchased four properties near his own mansion in Palo Alto for privacy purposes. His recent buying spree cost him some good $30 million, the properties in question being placed on the sides and behind his lavish 5-bedroom abode.

Apparently, the whole story begun last December when a local developer planned to buy a home next to Zuckerberg in an attempt to market it for its unique proximity to the CEO and founder of Facebook. Therefore, Mark bought all of the houses encircling his own property, thus guaranteeing his well-deserved privacy for good. However, the brilliant businessman plans to lease the homes back to their current inhabitants, since he is obviously not interested in using them for himself.