Marchi Mobile Luxury Camper Van

Marchi Mobile Camper (2)

Make your vacations really worth looking forward to with this outstanding camper van from Marchi Mobile. Offering ultimate comfort an luxury, the van boasts flexibilities like you rarely get to see in other similar vehicles. All the extra furniture and tables are fully retractable, giving the possibility to easily create more room whenever necessary.

High-end amenities include a bathroom with shower corner, a mini kitchen, an integrated communication and location system, satellite television and internet, and 40-inch TV screens. The six business class lounge chairs have massage functions for extra relaxation. The van also has a bar, an extendable luggage space with special room for shoes and also a luxe cabin for the driver. In all, the Marchi Mobile van boasts 30 square meters (approx. 322 square feet) of space – impressive!

This luxury home on wheels is powered by a 510-horsepower engine coupled with an auto-transmission and boasting a dual-sport exhaust system with carbon diffuser. It rolls on 28-inch alloy wheels, has an on-road assistance system and features a single arm windscreen wiper that ensures perfect visibility in all weather conditions.

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