Manufacture Royale’s $1,2M Accessory

Manufacture Royale's $1,2M Accessory

How much would you be willing to spend on an accessory? No matter what your answer may be, we believe it is safe to say that it is nowhere near the price of  Manufacture Royale’s watch.

It is, however, unfair to reduce their latest work to a mere accessory. Manufacture Royale’s Opera is a tourbillon watch worth a whopping $1,2 million. Regarding its shape, we may say it is a one of a kind timepiece.

The luxurious watch has three saphire crystals, a 50mm wide case and it is made out of 18k gray or rose gold. The Opera Time-Piece also has a  strap crafted out of Mississippi alligator skin. The watch is made out of 319 pieces, it has a tourbillon and also a minute repeater. The latter can play the minutes in C sharp and the hours in A. The Opera Time-Piece also has the ability to reserve 100 hours.

Only 12 of these marvellous watches will be made. The wooden boxes in which the watches will be encased are rumoured to be a replica of the Bastille Opera House in Paris. If you can afford it, you’d better hurry up to be one of the lucky few to own such a marvellous piece of art.Manufacture Royale's $1,2M Accessory

Manufacture Royale's $1,2M AccessoryManufacture Royale's $1,2M AccessoryManufacture Royale's $1,2M AccessoryManufacture Royale's $1,2M Accessory