Makita RobotPro Is A Roomba On Steroids

Roomba robots are great to have around the house, but they’re not exactly cut out for heavy duty cleaning, not the kind that you’d need for a warehouse anyway. The Makita RobotPro is basically a Roomba on steroids, as it was designed specifically for tough cleaning jobs. The robot was released in Japan initially, and it can autonomously clean areas between 57 x 57 feet and 73 x 73 ft depending on its battery.

Makita RobotPro Is A Roomba On Steroids

It can be left to roam on its own without any supervision because it is able to guide itself with the help of bumper plates and sensors. It can also be given a preset path that it will follow with impressive precision. Moreover, it’s worth noting that its creators installed a function that allows the user to turn off the fan completely and just let the brush pick up larger debris, all in an effort to extend the gadget’s already impressive 2-hour range.

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