Make Your iPhone 4S Unique

You love your iPhone 4S, but hate the traditional black or white case? There is good news for you. The ColorWare Company can give your phone a unique shade of green, pink, yellow or any other combination of colors.

If you want the whole ‘treatment’ for your gadget, you can also choose the colorful, metallic, soft-touch coating ear buds with white or black front face. ColorWare’s interactive website offers you a multitude of color options for your iPhone frame, button and back. Guess what? Even your SIM card tray can be ‘spiced up’.

The prices differ according to your phone’s model: $1,500 for a 16 GB model, $1,700 for a 64 GB one or $250 to send the iPhone 4S to them and trust their creativeness.

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ake Your iPhone 4S Unique (2)


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