M-P Type 240 Camera Kit By Leica And Lenny Kravitz

Those of you who enjoy Lenny Kravitz’s music and are photography enthusiasts will probably get goose bumps at the thought of owning a Leica camera created in partnership with the famed rock singer. The M-P Type 240 Camera Kit is limited to just 120 units and comprises two lenses, namely a 50 f/1.4 ASPH and a 35 f/2 ASPH. The body features a sapphire crystal cover for the LCD screen as well as 2GB of frame buffer memory, a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor and a sleek black design.

The camera also boasts a slightly worn-out look that was achieved by intentionally rubbing off the black paint to allow the metallic texture to shine through. A nice touch that collectors will definitely appreciate.

[Via – Leica-Rumors]

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