Lyman-Morse Unveils their Latest Sailing Yacht

Manufactured by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, this beautiful sailing yacht flaunts a timeless design, high quality building materials, and advanced technologies that make it reliable even in the most remote waters. It was designed by Ed Joy and Chuck Paine, and it is known as the Lyman-Morse 55.

The vessel was crafted using resin infused fiberglass, and it boasts an excellent exterior design. The hull shape results in bow entry, the stern design facilitates controlled steering at high speeds, and the midship section ensures stability.

Quite impressive performance and safety-wise, the vessel is also very cozy and welcoming, making sea cruising a truly wonderful experience. Apparently, the beautiful Lyman-Morse 55 exceeds the requirements of the CE Category A, which is another plus, of course.





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