Luxury Gifts Every Business Owner Will Love

What do you get someone that may seem to have everything already? Buying a gift for a business owner can be tricky. Do they already have this? Will they appreciate this? These are all things that come to mind.

But, there are some things, that regardless of how much money someone has, they will greatly appreciate and treasure. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

There are always things that people enjoy receiving and when buying a gift you want them to know you are thinking of them and that they are special. Here are some all-time classic gift ideas that any business owner will be thrilled to receive from you.


Who doesn’t love champagne? It’s such a nice gift and one that you don’t have to break the bank for either. There is plenty of high quality champagne that you can purchase for $200 to $350 a bottle that anyone will love.

Not sure how to pick out champagne? Don’t worry — there are plenty of websites that sell it online and you can search through their rare and special categories.

Most states now allow you to ship and receive it, but if you happen to live in one where that isn’t possible you can use the websites as research tools and then shop locally once you know what you want.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are used for much more that just listening to music these days. A business owner may use them to listen to a podcast or even participate in a conference call.

“Most business owners travel on a regular basis and noise cancelling headphones are great for traveling,” says Lisa Rush of call center outsourcing company Staff Outsourcing. “Especially if they happen to be on a commercial flight with screaming children. These will be their favorite gift ever in that situation.”

Luxury Luggage

When you were a kid did you ever think that luggage would be a gift you would love to receive? It’s funny how times change. Today, luggage has advance a long way and now materials are light and durable and construction includes things like phone charging ports.

High quality luggage like that made by Monos is a great gift any business owner will love and put to good use. The carry on size is a perfect gift, and more people are trending towards packing light these days in an effort to avoid checked bag nightmares.

A light and sleek carry on bag is a great gift idea that a business owner who travels often will love and appreciate.


If you want to spend a little money on a very special gift consider a luxury watch. A Rolex or AP, for example, are pieces of art. Many business owners take great pride in what they wear on their wrist, as a watch is a symbol of success for many people.

“A luxury watch is something that is held onto for life, making it a very special and meaningful gift,” says Chris Rush of HiFi Sound Connection, sellers of a custom sub box.

A watch is also a great conversation starter and many business owners will wear a luxury watch for that purpose alone.

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