Luxurious Signature Zirconium Mobile Phone from Vertu

As always, Vertu impresses us again with its innovative spirit and highly luxurious products. The Signature Zirconium mobile phone uses one of the most resistant and lightweight materials on earth, ranking even higher than titanium: zirconium.

The device’s front pillow is also made of a lightweight material – silicon nitride – boasting an elegant anthracite matt finish. The same matt finish dominates the entire design, including the stainless steel detailing and the rubberized alligator skin. Together with the phone, each buyer will receive an anthracite calf leather case or a matt finish rubberized alligator case, a regular charger, a car charger and batteries.

Other remarkable features are the high-fidelity loudspeaker with dual sound ports and the custom sounds (alerts and ringtones) played by the London Symphony Orchestra. The phone comes with a series of high-end services, such as Vertu Concierge, Vertu City Brief, Vertu Select and Vertu.Me. Clearly targeted towards the well-heeled, the handset is priced at a whopping £13,200 ($20,100).