Luxurious Mercedes S-Class XXL By ARES Atelier

It looks like the tuning experts over at ARES Atelier couldn’t wait for the official release of the Mercedes S-Class Pullman, and so they decided to create an elegant super-stretched variant of the vehicle that they dubbed Mercedes S-Class XXL. Inspired in its design by the Pullman 600, the gorgeous limousine boasts a stretched chassis as well as a strengthened structure and a carbon fiber body kit.

The gearbox and brakes were improved substantially, while the wheels were replaced with a set of 21-inch beauties. Not much is known about what lies underneath the XXL’s hood, though. We do know that the powertrain has been modified to deliver more than 600 horsepower, which means that the car is able to perform a 0-62 mph sprint in just 4,8 seconds while its top speed is somewhere at around 155 mph. These are very respectable figures for a stretch limousine.

Inside, the driver and the passengers are able to enjoy  Nappa Italian leather elements, iPad control, a 17″ foldable HD flat screen, a sound system with an 11,8-inch subwoofer and electric curtains.

[Via – E-Mercedes-Benz]

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