Luxurious Jet Capsule by Pierpaolo Lazzarini

If you can’t afford to purchase a large, extravagant and luxurious yacht but you still want to be able to take out your family or friends on a relaxing ride across the waves from time to time, well you can always have a look at this compact, powerful and comfortable Jet Capsule.

This incredible vessel was sketched out by an Italian designer named Pierpaolo Lazzarini, who decided to go with a gorgeous, futuristic exterior layout while ensuring that the interior could easily accommodate a party of 7. Highly versatile and customizable, the Jet Capsule features a lightweight body made using fiberglass, while its power comes from a Yammar diesel engine flaunting 325 horsepower. This enables a top speed of 25 knots, which is definitely enough to ensure some thrill. Furthermore, the boat also comes with a mini-lounge space placed on the rooftop, which is perfect for sightseeing, relaxation and sunbathing. The flashy purple, blue and pink interior and underwater lighting arrangements are also a big plus. Have a look at the following pictures and see it all for yourself!