Luxurious Jar of Bees Perfume by Guerlain

Arguably the most luxurious perfume bottle in the world, Guerlain’s Jar of Bees was originally created 160 years ago by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain for Empress Eugenie – the wife of Napoleon III. Honoring its 160th anniversary, the now famed French perfume house joined hands with the Institut National des Métiers d’ Art and commissioned 9 artisans to create 9 fantastic works of art inspired by the famous perfume bottle.

The bottle was bade using 24k gold and was adorned with 69 bees in order to signify the French Empire. The aforementioned works of art will be showcased between December 10 and February 14 at the La Maison Guerlain 68 Champs Elysées in Paris. Guerlain will also make 32 limited edition pieces of 24k golden bee bottles that will flaunt price tags of $16,250 each. However, those who cannot afford to purchase these rather expensive versions can go for a 3.3oz Eau de Toilette Imperiale for just $82.