Luxurious Gold-Plated Model Airplane By Goldgenie

If you have particularly deep pockets and your hobby is all about collecting model airplanes, then Goldgenie has got you covered. The renowned UK-based company is now selling its “Aviator’s Dream” golden model airplane for about $1,560 on its website, and we have to admit that this little jewel is worth every single penny.

Gold-Plated Model Airplane By Goldgenie

Depicting a Boeing 777, albeit without doors and windows, this blinged out model was created in France and can be adorned with the emblems of some of the world’s most renowned airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, British Airways or even Goldgenie’s own Goldgenie Air. Limited to 99 units for each livery, logo or emblem, this item will soon become highly sought after by collectors. If none of the aforementioned airlines suits your tastes, then you can always ask the company to personalize your model according to your own preference. Better act fast if you want to buy one though.

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