Luxurious Fa House In Mexico City, Mexico

Designed by a company called Bitar Arquitectos and built in 2011, the Fa House is a wonderful, spacious abode that can be found in Mexico City, Mexico. The interior arrangements of the Fa House give off an atmosphere of warmth and coziness thanks to an extensive use of elements and earthly tones of brown and beige.

The residence was designed to accommodate its owners and their guests in fabulous conditions, but it also provides great socialization and relaxation opportunities. For example, the upper floor includes a gorgeous living room that was furnished tastefully and decorated skillfully. Highlights include a fireplace, comfortable seating arrangements, a coffee table and a stunning, beautiful painting that acts as a centerpiece.

Large windows ensure ample natural light throughout the main living spaces but once the sun goes down, the abode is illuminated efficiently with the help of spotlight-based lighting arrangements implemented in the walls and ceilings.

Built at an elevated position, the Fa House offers fabulous views of its encircling environment, which happens to include plenty of tall trees and other forms of natural vegetation.




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