Luxurious Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane

Private planes are luxurious by definition, but there are a few planes out there that manage to stand out from the rest, especially if they have glistening rose gold exteriors. Created by an aerospace engineer named David Loury, this aerodynamic masterpiece is powered by a 350 horsepower engine that ensures speeds upwards of 230 miles per hour. The range is somewhere at around 1,150 ground miles, which is definitely decent for quick cruise.

Luxurious Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane 1

The plane was created using a high-performance carbon composite, and it incorporates a retractable landing gear made out of solid alloys and aluminum. Inside, the owner is treated to hand-stitched leather seats and ample storage space, but we should also mention the 24/7 technical support, which is available for the first two years. Dubbed Valkyrie, this awesome private plane costs $1.5 million, which isn’t too much considering its great looks and outstanding performance.

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