Luxe Samsung NX300 Gold Edition from the Middle East

Adding to the growing list of golden cameras, the Samsung NX300 model has recently received the transforming touch of Midas. Boasting 22k gold plating, this is a limited edition version of the camera, manufactured especially for Saudi Arabia. It is priced at 10,000 Saudi Riyal (approximately US$2,700) and it can be purchased online at Axiom Telecom.

Being a limited edition version, each unit will feature its own unique serial number and also an engraved signature. Exclusive and opulent, the golden NX300 is sold in a beautiful box together with a 16GB memory card, an external battery charger, a flash (SEF8-A)two MC Protector filters (43mm and 58mm), and two lenses (18-55mm III and 45mm 2D/3D).

Aside from the gilded parts, the camera is exactly the same as the regular mirrorless model. This means that its features include 20.3MP, Wi-Fi connectivity, anAPS-C CMOS sensor, and all the other goodies that so many professional and amateur photographers have already fallen for.

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