Luxe Decanter By Penfolds Costs $185,000

Australian winery Penfolds has joined hands with a French glassmaker named Saint – Louis and put together an exceptional collection of decanters designed specifically for Penfolds Grange wine. For Saint – Louis, this is its first collaboration with a non-European brand since its inception back in 1586, so as you can probably imagine, a lot of work has been put into making sure that the decanters in question would be as perfect as possible.

Luxe Decanter By Penfolds Costs $185,000 1

Priced at $185,000, the decanter is hand blown and hand cut using exquisite crystals. Inside, one of the world’s most appreciated wines, 2012 vintage Penfolds Grance, rests peacefully just waiting to be sampled by the world’s elite. The luxurious casing was dubbed “Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual,” and it measures in at about 3.2 feet in height. The decanter is a part of a limited edition of just five units, which means that it is officially one of the most sought after and expensive products of its kind.

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