Luxe Brushed Rose Gold iPhone By Parco Mura

If you think that your iPhone 6 could use a slight touch of luxury then you should probably have a look at the Brushed Rose Gold iPhone By Parco Mura. The company has decided to beautify both iPhone 6 models, namely the standard one and the larger iPhone 6 Plus, by drenching their cases in lavish 24K rose gold. Moreover, the brand’s experts adorned the Apple logos on these phones with Swarovski crystals that complement the rose gold wonderfully while adding an extra touch of lavishness.

Luxe Brushed Rose Gold iPhone By Parco Mura

As far as pricing goes, these special smartphones retail for $9,699 and $9,999, which is definitely a lot when compared to their original asking prices. Still, those who are able to afford customized gadgets could probably spend even more without feeling a financial sting.

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