Luxe 24k Gold Plated Seghweel By Goldgenie

The good folks over at Goldgenie specialize in applying luxurious gold treatments to gadgets or small means of transportation, and after they were done drenching a bicycle in 24k gold, they turned their gaze on the Segwheel. This luxurious product is light, easy to control and easy to carry, and it can reach a speed of up to 11mph and go on for about 7.4 miles after a quick 45-minute charge.

Impressive as this may be from a transportation point of view, what makes the Goldgenie Segwheel special is the fact that it boasts over five microns of 24k gold and includes gold python skin finishes for an extra touch of lavishness. The company’s CEO, Leban Roomes, believes that this little thing will eventually become the default means of transportation in crowded urban environments, and that definitely sounds intriguing. Not many will be able to afford the Segwheel in its current state though, as it costs no less than $44,123. Furthermore, those who really want to go overboard on the whole luxury thing can adorn it with semi-precious stones, diamonds and even personalize it with a laser engraving.



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