Lush Spenders of 2010

Roman Abramovich

The wealthy have spent enormous amounts of money this year on rare objects, jewelry or even islands. We have here a list of the ten biggest spenders of 2010 and their luxury purchases.

1. Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich

You must be well acquainted with this name by now. Roman Abramovich has appeared in some of our most interesting articles, and for good reasons. In one year, the Russian billionaire bought his very own island and the world’s largest yacht, called Eclipse . The two acquisitions gulped $400 million and more than 1$ billion respectively.

2. Steven A. Cohen

Steven A. Cohen

This time we’re talking about an art lover willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on paintings. Cohen bought a $110 million Jasper Johns and a $35.36 million Andy Warhol creation representing a Coca-Cola bottle.

3. Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad ManshaMuhammad Mansha is the first billionaire of Pakistan. He bought the St. James Hotel & Club in Green Park, an exclusive neighborhood in London. He spent about $85-$95 million on the 60 suites building, which means that each room cost some 1.5 million. Wow!

4. Kelcy Warren

Kelcy WarrenThe man is indeed a big spender, but we bet he has no regrets for throwing $46.5 million on this amazing acquisition. Who wouldn’t spend fortunes on a ranch surrounded by meadows, streams, lakes, and forests? Not only that all these surround the beautiful residence, but many of them are actually his! Yes, Kelcy Warren is one happy luxury ranch owner.

5. Laurence Graff

Laurence GraffThe most expensive diamond ever sold went to Laurence Graff. The man is a rich jeweler and he spent $46 million at Sotheby’s last month for the 24.78-karat pink diamond. Also known as ‘The King of Bling’, Laurence Graff had no hesitation in naming his newest and most expensive piece ‘The Graff Pink’.

6. Carlos SlimCarlos Slim

With a net worth of about $60.6 billion, Carlos Slim is currently the wealthiest man in the world. This means he had no difficulties on spending $44 million on an eight story luxury residence, the Duke Semans Mansion. The 19,000 square foot house has got 12 bedrooms.

7. Wayne Huizenga Wayne HuizengaProbably best known among sports lovers, Huizenga has rescued the Federica Club from foreclosure. The 2,500 acre private golf community in Georgia set him back some $40 million.

8. Joseph LauJoseph Lau

Do you remember the two incense burners that have recently been sold at Christie’s for 16.7 million? Well, their new owner is number eight on our list. Joseph Lau is a famous billionaire of Hong Kong.

9. Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumSheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Some people spend incredible sums on houses, yachts or pieces of art. But Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum finds horses just as valuable. Horse racing and breeding being his passion, the wealthy men decided it was worth spending $5.4 million on 24 yearlings.

10. Stanley HoStanley Ho

Stanley Ho is the richest man in Macau. He seems to have a special thing for truffles, as he spent $330,000 on them last month. But that’s not the first time he has done so. In 2007 he bought other truffles for the exact same sum of money.

These people and many more have spent together some $235 billion on different luxury purchases. Who sais the world suffers form a bad economic crisis?