Lotus Exige R-GT

Lotus is back in business with the brand new rally car Lotus Exige R-GT, which will compete in the FIA R-GT class. It combines features of classic rally cars and Lotus’ current and future styling. This 2,646 pounds model has been upgraded with class-mandated underside and side protection for driver and passenger, as well as the steel roll cage.

The engine is similar to the one found in the standard Exige: a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine, which produces 302 horsepower routed to the wheels through a six-speed sequential transmission. The only difference is that 34-millimeter air restrictors have been put in place to control the power, a requirement of the FIA rulebook for R-GT racing.  The first to try the magnificent car will be the motorsports customers, but until then you can all admire it at Frankfurt.

Lotus Exige R-GT (12)

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