Have A Look At The Awesome Tempel Workbench!

With its classic design inspired by workbenches from the 19th century, the Tempel workbench is a fantastic addition to any modern workshop. Its minimalistic exterior design is complemented by a classic writing desk bureau, which impresses with an outstanding, retro look, but the bench also incorporates a total of 26 drawers.

Awesome Tempel Workbench 1 Awesome Tempel Workbench 2 Awesome Tempel Workbench 3 Awesome Tempel Workbench 4

The product measures 43” x 43” x 16”, and it offers enough room for various tools, all of which can be arranged nicely depending on their size and purpose. There’s also a computer and a 2.1 speaker system included, to say nothing of the pop-up 24” monitor that sits within its own walnut frame. This workbench blends contemporary features with a classic, timeless design, and it will surely be appreciated by plenty of craftsmen and electricians out there.

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