Little Jennie Ranch for Sale: $69 Million

Little Jennie Ranch is not that little, but it sure is adorable! Five years ago the property was again on the market and Forbes Listed it among the Most Expensive Homes. Its price back then was of $55 million. Today the 3,016 acre ranch can be bought for $69 million.

Little Jennie is located in a clean and uncorrupted by civilization area in Bondurant, Wyoming. It is not far from Jackson Hole, somewhere near the base of the Gros Ventre Mountain Range. Three mountain ranges surround the ranch, together with the Teton National Forest.

The vast meadows of the ranch are covered with Fir and Aspen and  trout fishing streams rush across them. Built by Jack Kranenberg, Little Jennie has been a cattle operation for about six decades now. It’s got a two-story log house measuring 4000 square feet and eleven more cabins here and there on the ranch.

Little Jennie Ranch for Sale $69 Million

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