Limited Edition Subaru BRZ tS for Japan

Created exclusively for the Japanese market, the newly launched Subaru BRZ tS is beautiful, agile and exclusive. While the original BRZ engine was left intact, the car’s sleek exterior was modified to enhance its look as well as its aerodynamics.

STI (Subaru Tecnica International) gave the car 18-inch wheels with ventilated brake discs from Brembo, tweaked the stability control, bettered the suspension system, and modified the exhaust sound. They also added a new front lip spoiler, a thicker driveshaft, and a few Alcantara and carbon fiber trims on the inside. STI logos adorn the vehicle inside and out.

The BRZ tS will only be produced in 500 examples, and half of them will also have the option of receiving an additional GT package with even more goodies. These include black-painted alloys, a huge carbon rear wing with two adjustable angles, Recaro front bucket seat and SRS side airbag.