Limited Edition James Bond Novel by Bentley

Limited Edition James Bond Novel by Bentley (5)

When you hear James Bond you hear Bentley, so for the release of the latest Bond novel, “Carte Blanche” by Jeffery Deaver, Bentley and publisher Hodder & Stoughton have partnered to create something truly special: a limited edition version of the highly anticipated novel. The collectors item features a bespoke copy of the book and a gorgeous protective metal case.

Seven designers submitted proposals for the luxury item and the winner was Bentley Senior Designer Brett Boydell. In his design he tried to integrate the “radical concepts that we feel reflect the name of the book, the ideas inherent in the Bond legacy, and the design principles we are passionate about.” Only 500 examples of the limited edition will be made available around the world and they will each be priced at £1,000.

Since most of the action in the novel takes place in Dubai, the design of the sleek case is inspired by the emirate’s deserts, but also by the new Bentley Continental GT,  the vehicle that Bond drives in his latest adventures. It is even made from polished aluminum, just like the real car’s exterior.

The special “Carte Blanche” is currently available for preorder on, but we advise you to move fast, as the demand is expected to be huge. The book’s publication date is May 26, 2011 and only after that the limited edition copies will be delivered to their owners.

Limited Edition James Bond Novel by Bentley (4)