Limited-Edition Gold Nikon DF Camera By Brikk

Practicing photography as a hobby is quite an expensive affair because the hardware needed to snap incredible images is notoriously expensive. Photography is considered an art and is even taught in schools and universities, but the truth is that anyone can shoot a great photo as long as the equipment is of a premium quality. Still, if you thought that a regular DSLR camera was expensive, imagine how much it would cost to own a gold-plated one.

As with high-end smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, some cameras sometimes receive lavish treatments that allow them to stand out. That’s exactly what happened to the Nikon DF camera and its Nikkor 14-24 F/2.8 lens, both of which received a golden makeover courtesy of a company named Brikk. The camera’s zoom and focus rings as well as the grip and flash area were decorated using stingray leather, while the rest of the body features luxurious gold plating.

Limited to just 77 units, this camera comes with a price tag of $41,395, which also includes a quick charger, a rechargeable battery and an USB cable.



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