Limited Edition Bugaboo Boxer By Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a Dutch company that’s well known for its high-quality baby strollers, but it looks like the brand has plans to enter the luggage market with the outstanding Bugaboo Boxer. This product was described by its makers as a “modular system of cases that can be easily interlocked and sold as a four wheeled chassis, to which users can add a suitcase, cabin case or laptop bag in their preferred configuration.” To clarify, it can help us navigate through a crowded airport with ease, and that’s definitely something that we’re all looking forward to, right?

Limited Edition Bugaboo Boxer By Bugaboo 1

The design is based on a chassis or luggage cart that features a special mechanism created to accommodate a glossy polycarbonate bag. This bag has its own clasp that can be used to attach a smaller box made out of a similar material. It’s also worth noting that this bag was created to be pushed not pulled, and that it comes with a simple look based on back, white and red colorways. The only downside is that one Bugaboo Boxer would set you back $1,500. We’d say that the price is justified, all things considered. How about you?

Limited Edition Bugaboo Boxer By Bugaboo 2 Limited Edition Bugaboo Boxer By Bugaboo 3

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