Limited Edition Beatles Writing Instruments

Acme Studio, together with Beatles’ multimedia corporation Apple Corps Ltd., have created several new limited edition collections of writing instruments dedicated to the world-famous rock band. True Beatles fans will definitely want to own something like this.

There are four different collections. “The Beatles” collection offers a set of four pens (one for each member of the band – Ringo, George, John and Paul – and is limited to 600 pieces. Price is $450.

The “Album Pen Sets” include business card sets in addition to pens. The business cards sets represent each of the 13 UK albums the Beatles released. Only 1000 pieces will be made available, each priced at $130.

Invasion” is another limited collection: 1964 pens that can be changed from roller to fountain.

Year Pens” are a tribute to the time the group was together: one for each year (1962-1970). They are priced at $98.

To complete their offering, Apple Corps Ltd. and Acme Studio also made three limited edition watches and eyeglass cases.

Limited Edition Beatles Writing Instruments (1) Limited Edition Beatles Writing Instruments (2)

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