Limited Edition Batman-DNA Watch By Romain Jerome

All superheroes are special in their own way, but Batman is definitely in a league of his own, and we’re not talking about the Justice League here. The Caped Crusader celebrates his 75th birthday this year, and in order to mark this very special occasion, DC Comics partnered up with one of the world’s most renowned watchmakers in order to create a limited edition masterpiece dubbed Batman-DNA. The timepiece looks just like something Batman would wear.

It is simple, bold and menacing, just like Bruce Wayne is after he puts on the suit. The PVD-coated steel case measures 46mm and features a black bezel with imposing facets. The dial sports the Batman logo as well as the RJ badge at 12 o’clock. The strap was made using black hornback crocodile leather, and it matches perfectly with the timepiece’s overall rough look. Limited to just 75 pieces, Romain Jerome’s Batman-DNA watch costs $18,500.