Limited Edition Backgammon Set by Carbofan

Here is a new, expensive way to play Backgammon with style: the luxurious all-carbon Backgammon Case by Carbofan. Finished with special attention to details, the set boasts different tissue types for the interior and many special elements made of Carbon Texalium.

Each piece of this game is precious. They are made of 24 karat gold and silver, and the two pairs of dice have been specially made to have enhanced precision. The set also includes dice cups (hand made, of course) and a doubling cube.

Each set is unique, as it bears a serial number on a sterling silver plate. The last one will have ‘99’ written on it. This $25,260 Backgammon Case by Carbofan is not only very precious, but also very heavy. It weighs 3.6 kg, which means almost 8 lbs.

Limited Edition Backgammon Set by Carbofan

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