Limited Edition 38-Year-Old Single Malt by Auchentoshan

Those who can appreciate a vintage single malt scotch whisky should definitely jump at the chance to own a bottle of this 1975 American oak-aged whisky by Auchentoshan. Limited to just 500 bottles worldwide, this exceptional beverage comes with a price tag of $817, and it can now be purchased from various international airports.

If you are wondering just what makes this particular whisky so incredible, we’ll tell you that it impresses with a sublime taste of figs, honeydew and ripe pears complemented by notes of papaya, pink grapefruit, almond cake and baked pineapple. Last but not least, its final notes include touches of almonds, elderflower and white grapes, but you can probably imagine its deliciousness by now.

Each bottle containing this divine, triple distilled golden drink comes with its own date stamp, while its packaging involves a gorgeous gray box.

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