Limited Edition 24k Xbox One Pearl By ColorWare

Known for visually improving some of the world’s most renowned gadgets by decorating them with expensive metals and precious stones, ColorWare recently set its focus on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. After it was done with blinging out its controller with 24k gold, the company decided to apply the same treatment to the console’s body.

The limited edition 24k Xbox One Pearl features gold treatments on the top and bottom parts of its drive panel. The Kinect module received no attention unfortunately, but that’s not to say that it won’t receive its own golden makeover in the future. The customization process involved dismantling and reassembling the console with great attention to detail in order to make sure that its performance is not altered in any way.

The Xbox One Pearl is limited to 50 units and is accompanied by a ColorWare Warranty. It boasts a relatively affordable price tag of $1,199, which includes the 24k gold controller.

[Via – ColorWare]

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