Lilliput Play Homes for Rich Children

Want to give your children precious childhood memories? Lilliput Play Homes can help you do that with their stunning children’s playhouses. Only the finest lumber is used for these miniature homes and the company’s skilled craftsmen always pay great attention to detail. Each house flaunts heirloom quality craftsmanship and the key words for these houses are safety and durability. For instance, the window panes for are made of acrylic to avoid glass-related accidents.

There are many different models and many different price tags to choose from, but since these are luxury items, no playhouse can be described as cheap. Prices range from $5,499 (Princess Cottage) to $19,999 (Grand Victorian Playhouse).

Here are some of the amenities your children can enjoy in a Lilliput home. The Cotton Candy Manor playhouse has sponge painted walls, columned porch and balcony, and even an operable skylight. Boys may especially enjoy an Olde Firehouse with its clanging bell, fire pole and operable hose and reel.

There are many other models availabe, but the most extravagant of all is the stunning Grand Victorian Playhouse. It flaunts a wraparound porch, a sunny skylight, window boxes with fresh blooms, elegant stained window and a brass door knocker. Large enough to comfortably house a small-sized adult, this is definitely a dream house for children.

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