LG’s Huge 77-Inch TV Is Staggering

LG is known for creating some large and technologically advanced TVs, but what we’re about to describe is undoubtedly the company’s largest offering to date, and definitely the most impressive one as well. The 77-inch G6 flat-screen Signature Series 4K Ultra HD TV was unveiled during the CEDIA Expo 2016 event that took place on September 15, and it carries a premium price tag of $19,999.

LG's Huge 77-Inch TV Is Staggering 1

When compared to regular LED LCD TVs, OLED TVs offer a generous list of improvements, including better brightness, as well as high dynamic range. This year’s OLEDs will also flaunt 10-bit panels and processing, the widest possible viewing angles so far, as well as better color rendering. LG focuses on improving contrast in order to deliver a better live home experience, and this mammoth 77-inch TV will come with two HDR elements, namely HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. When purchasing this unique product, you’ll be treated with a $200 American Express gift card and an LG G Pad Tablet, which is not bad at all. LG’s Signature Concierge service is also a part of the deal.

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