Let’s Drink to the Whales!

Antarctic Nail Ale is the world’s new most expensive beer

What wouldn’t you give for a nice, cold beer? Eight hundred dollars, probably. But if you want more than a good beer, then this is the price you’ll have to pay.

The  microbrewery in Perth, Australia has recently created the new most expensive beer in the world. We said ‘new’, because the former most expensive beer was BrewDogs which sold for $765 a bottle. A bottle in a stuffed animal, that is. Ewww!

Anyway, this limited edition beer was made with one purpose in mind: to raise funds for the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd. One really interesting thing about this beer is the fact that it has been brewed with ice from the Antarctic Ocean. Yes, when the Sea Shepherd took their last trip to the cold waters south, they took back some ice samples and used them to make the Antarctic Nail Ale beer.

They did it all for a good cause and we applaud their initiative.Antarctic Nail Ale is the world’s new most expensive beer

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